Friday, January 27, 2006

Luin yöllä Keskiajan aatehistorian. Minusta on hauskaa, että silloisten ihmisten etuniminä oli Bonushomo ja Pseudo-Dionysios.


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The night before an intended journey one not infrequently dreams that one has already arrived at the destination; before going to a play or to a party the dream not infrequently anticipates, in impatience, as it were, tao the expected pleasure...

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It is a most agreeable coincidence. I mean untie the tow-line.. She never overlooked any of her perquisites.. All the qualities which we esteem in our mental operations, and which distinguish these as complicated activities of a high order, we find repeated in the dream thoughts.. Thus, from the investigations frequently referred to in this treatise, I know that the formation of an hysterical symptom necessitates the combination of both streams of our psychic life.. He was dripping and puffing, and Mr.. Nellis's way of footing his fork.. Hi now! Get along! Podington was now full of life and energy, his wheels were on the hard road, and he was himself again.. He himself must be this student; he is as indifferent towards his analysis as the student is towards his synthesis; the He in the dream, however, who accomplishes the operation, is myself.. No gen'l'man'll 'low er lady to do such a thing. ..

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